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How to get an Over Split

In this video I will be showing you stretches to help you get your over split or a higher over spilt! Comment below your results, and any requests for my next v...
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Zoe Honsigner: Flexistretcher Middle Over-...

Flexistretcher Middle Over-Split Routine with Zoe Honsigner @zoe.ballerina1.
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Oversplit with person standing on me

The reaction is usually.. Are you sure? I don't want to break you. Then I scream, "get on!" And they rapidly do it. Thank you for watching beautiful souls :) My...
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#GymnasticsHowTo: How to Get Your Over Spl...

After you check out this How To Gymnastics: How to Get Your Over Splits video, let me know what you think! Any ideas or drills you'd like to see added? Or just ...
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How to get OVERSPLITS Fast and Easy

How to get OVERSPLITS Fast and Easy. I hope that these exercises will help you a lot!! Remember that it takes a while to get your oversplits :)) How to do the s...
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My oversplits (190-280 degrees).

Hello everyone, in this video I am testing out how hypermobile I am. If you want a second video then please let me know! :) Make sure to follow my facebook page...
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How to do the oversplits

Hi guys. Sorry for not uploading last week i'm just busy with exams at the moment. So today I will be showing some stretches and tips on how to do the oversplit...
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Oversplit Challenge ❤️ | julia | 2017

Hey guys in this video I'm doing and oversplit video , over 4 weeks I show you my progress hope you enjoy Leave a like comment and subscribe *******************...
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Extreme oversplits 3

Model - Julie Frota.
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Haha fail.... but at least I made it to LEVEL 15!! SUBSCRIBE! Follow Me On Instagram & Twitter: princexxjessica.
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Oversplit training 3

Very flexible girl.
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Hey loves! It's been a while! I'm so sorry about that! To make up for that, I will be posting another video this weekend! This challenge is perfect for people a...
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Oversplit training 2

Very flexible girl.
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Oversplit Evellyn flexible

Circo de la luna.
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Over split tutorial

Get over split with daily practice .contact me for more contortion training for free yogeshveer@gmail.com.
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Oversplits with the Flexistretcher

Jacqueline Gionet, @Balletbot_ and her daily Flexistretcher routines! Buy the Flexistretcher here : http://bit.ly/flexistretcher.