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Middle center oversplit 230 degrees 6-year...

A little rhythmic gymnast is stretching with her coaches.
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Giovanna training oversplits

Circo de la luna.
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#GymnasticsHowTo: How to Get Your Over Spl...

After you check out this How To Gymnastics: How to Get Your Over Splits video, let me know what you think! Any ideas or drills you'd like to see added? Or just ...
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Aliya Garayeva oversplit

Because nobody upload new videos on this topic, I decided I'll upload some self-made video about rhythmic gymnastic warming-up and training. I hope flexibility ...
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Oversplit Stretches for Better Leaps!

This week, Alex shows some overspilt stretches that can help improve your leaps, jumps, and leg extensions! For a possible shoutout in next week's video, ...
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Oversplit training 3

Very flexible girl.
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Over split шпагат

Instead of hangouts translation for you guys, I ve decided to take an over split video..it seems you were waiting for...I ve got so many request about it.enjoy)...
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SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR1oz2SC_fkm3dyi9DXlulw?sub_confirmation=1 EXTREME FLEXIBILITY: This week you will find Chloe's ...
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Assisted stretching oversplit 3

Very flexible girl.
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Oversplit - Advanced

Oversplit on the chair & straddle over split. If you can do the splits and you still hope to improve your flexibility then its time for oversplit. Start this ov...
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Contortion oversplit

Playing with oversplits.
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Zeynab Javadli amazing huge oversplit

Note - Oversplit is not just a 180 degrees split and a book.
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Don't Cry over Split Milk as driver loses...

A Southampton Road has been shut this morning after a milk lorry crash. Part of Bursledon Road was closed due to the incident involving a 44 tonne lorry after i...
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Aerial silks oversplit

Aerial silks "arabesque" or "tree pose" into an oversplit.
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Multitasking in iOS 9 - Slide Over, Split ...

You can be more productive on your iPad with these new features. This video shows how to use split view, slide over and picture in picture (PIP) on the iPad.
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How To Do An Oversplit

A gold winning olympic gymnast, Evan Kearney, teaches you how to do a proper over-split.. Enjoy:)
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1 min long descent into an oversplit

This video is about Spagaas.