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Oversplit with person standing on me

The reaction is usually.. Are you sure? I don't want to break you. Then I scream, "get on!" And they rapidly do it. Thank you for watching beautiful souls :) My...
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YES YOU CAN DO THIS. How to get hyperextended splits/over splits in yes - 1 day! As a beginner cheerleader, I did these stretches…and I got the splits in no ...
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Flexistretcher middle over-split

Daily #Flexistretcher Routines ⚡ @zoe.ballerina1.
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#GymnasticsHowTo: How to Get Your Over Spl...

After you check out this How To Gymnastics: How to Get Your Over Splits video, let me know what you think! Any ideas or drills you'd like to see added? Or just ...
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Oversplit training 3

Very flexible girl.
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Oversplit Stretches for Better Leaps!

This week, Alex shows some overspilt stretches that can help improve your leaps, jumps, and leg extensions! For a possible shoutout in next week's video, ...
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Over split шпагат

Instead of hangouts translation for you guys, I ve decided to take an over split video..it seems you were waiting for...I ve got so many request about it.enjoy)...
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Middle center oversplit 230 degrees 6-year...

A little rhythmic gymnast is stretching with her coaches.
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Over split tutorial

Get over split with daily practice .contact me for more contortion training for free yogeshveer@gmail.com.
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Balletbot_ (via IG) Practices Oversplit

Challenge your Splits with this Middle split over challenge via Jacqueline Gionet. Buy the Flexistretcher here : http://bit.ly/flexistretcher.
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Assisted stretching oversplit 1

Very flexible girl.
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Over split goals

Working on recovery goals by focusing on flexibility in warm up routine before class.
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SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR1oz2SC_fkm3dyi9DXlulw?sub_confirmation=1 EXTREME FLEXIBILITY: This week you will find Chloe's ...
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NEW SPLITS: DestroySplit, FixSplit, OverSp...

Subcribe - http://bit.ly/SunGo_SUB ▻ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SunGoYT ▻ VK - https://vk.com/sungoyoutube Feel free to use my name and ...
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Contortion oversplit

Playing with oversplits.
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Middle splits & oversplits

Please note - the exercises in all my videos are guidelines. I make them for general fitness motivation/entertainment purposes only. No information is to be tak...