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How much is "about 2" really?

Can of soup or can of worms? Either way, it's opened. This video is supported by viewers like you on Patreon: Thank you ...
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Supported by Patreon! Shirts: Especially thank you to: Caleb ....
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Suspend Your Disbelief (or, how to ruin ev...

I guess we should regulate ouija boards, eh? ok is it awkward if I offer to sell you a shirt now: But while shirt...
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Finally, some answers! Funded by my generous supporters on Patreon. Thank you Caleb Wright, Albert Wenger, Pat Devlin, David Perryman, Jade Bilkey, ...
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Based on a true story! Some things are simpler than they sound. Sponsored by Caleb Wright, Albert Wenger, Pat Devlin, David Perryman, Chris Pierik, Wish ...
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Pi Rant 2018: Alternative Pi

2018 Pi is just the worst. Are you a true believer? Show me: This video exists through support on Patreon! Special thank you to ....
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Snow Day: Unusual Tracks

I found some thinkable things! Rolling Trefoil by Henry Segerman: Very cool wobbly rolling objects at the ...
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Peace for Triple Piano

Piano peace! In 360 and with 3D audio (you can look around and move the view!). Check out the making of video, it's REAL COOL: ...
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I hope you enjoy this fun holiday craft! This video is supported by viewers like you! Thanks especially to: Caleb Wright, Albert Wenger, CHLOE, Pat Devlin, Jack...
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How To Make a Hexaflexagon: The Definitive...

Printable patterns: Shirts (we only printed a limited run, sorry if we're sold out of your favourite!)
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The Smoothest Ride

Next action star, right here. Supported by my Patreons, especially Caleb Wright, Albert Wenger, Jeremy Buchanan, Pat Devlin, Jack Heidrick, David Perryman, ...
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Vi Hart is Crowdfunding!
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Net Neutrality in the US: 2017 Update

Something incredibly important that people agree on? Let's do it! Make a comment to the FCC by clicking "express" here: ...
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1 Year of VR Research

Wow, wasn't expecting so much when I started editing this together. Easy to forget how differently we thought about these technologies only a year ago.
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Pi Day 3/14/2017 - Venn Piagram

I can't stop thinking about Venn diagrams. So, as it's Pi Day, this happened. How did it come to this? Well, see Pi...
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Let Me Convince You to Take Action

On the virtue of good habits, rather than anger and dramatic causes, for sustaining democracy. If you wait for big motivating problems before acting, you'll be ...
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A Mathematician's Perspective on the Divid...

A different perspective on the 2016 presidential election, based on statistics in context. Full text:
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The Case for Hovercars

Mathematically, they've got a lot going for them. Last week's video on the calculus of bad driving: NOTE: ...
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The Calculus of Bad Driving

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Living Room Makeover

Wanted to do something upbeat this week, so I'm re-styling the digital part of my living room!