Breaking Bad Greatest Moments

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Other great moments from the show:

Every time Jesse says "bitch"
Hank vs Tuco's cousins
Decapitated head on a tortoise bomb
The Gus Fring "come at me bro" scene
When Walt buys himself and Flynn new cars
When Walt throws a pizza on to the roof

Any other scenes will be found in the comments somewhere.

I am not very well versed in the subject of copyright and so I am not entirely sure if this video does actually infringe copyright laws or not, all I do know is that the owners of the footage did claim the right and have monetised the video. I did not earn any money from this video and nor was I expecting to, but I've seen some people complain about the frequency of ads for the video and unfortunately that is out of my hands. I apologise if it diminishes your enjoyment of the video in any way.


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